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Why We Do It
We are fighting to get hit and run laws changed. Right now the law regarding hit and run, failure to stop and render aide/resulting in death is an automatic 2nd degree felony. With a maximum of a 20 years sentence and maximum $10,000.00 fine. No minmum bond.

We are fighting to get a bond set at $750,000.00, NO bond with prior felonies and a minimum of 40 years, with a maximum of whatever the judge/jury decides.  There also needs to be a time set for parole eligiblity.
We lost our daughter Josey Lynn Scott, 19,  on Feb. 10, 2015 to a hit and run in Shepherd, Texas on FM 2666.  We finally went to trial on May 31,2016.  The man who killed her was sentenced to 19 years on June 7, 2016. He will be eligible for parole on Oct. 23, 2017.  The process started on April 25, 2017.  He will be eligible every year.  The process takes 4-6 months prior, so that means for the next 19 years we will have to continue to fight to keep this man in prison.  It also means that besides all the holidays and birthdays we have to endure without her, we will have to deal with this every 6 months.  Never be able to catch a breath.

The man who killed our daughter ran, like a coward. He left her alone, in the ditch, dead. He had prior felonies.  He had been drinking, even though that was not proven other than hearsay.  He still gets to see his family. We have a life sentence.  Is 40 years too harsh?  What if that was your child? Brother, sister, wife, husband, mother, father? 

With a 40 year sentence, they will serve at least 10.  Why should they be given the chance to parole out?  Josey and so many other hit and run vitims were not given a chance.  Their lives were ripped away from them.  They were ripped away from us. 

 All we want is for people to realize all they have to do is STOP and CALL 911!!  It may not save the persons life, but it will make a difference to the law and especially the family. 
How Can You Help
We are trying to get to everybody we can.  Every Senator, Representative, Legislator, the Govenor, every TV station we can. Talk shows. Whatever it takes to get this fight going!!

Hit and runs are on the rise.

It is so easy to get distracted while driving, when our main focus should be on the road. NOT the cell phone, the new touch screen radios, the kids in the backseat will be fine until you can pull over somewhere safely.  We need to pay attention to the road, other cars, pedestrians, bicyclists, even the weather.

If you see a hit and run, try to get as good of a description of the fleeing vehicle that you can. Stop and call 911.  You may not save that person that was hit, but you will make a difference by helping! 
Join Us
Let's fight this fight to get these laws changed.  I can email you, inbox you, or mail you what we have so far.  It's not much, but the more we get the word out, the bigger our fight will become!!  WE HAVE TO GET THESE LAWS CHANGED!!!

Help spread the word.  Talk to your kids, friends, each other about being more aware on the road.  Know that stopping and calling 911 will make all the difference. Slow down and move over!

We are constantly adding new photos and updates. If you would like to have your loved ones story told here, please do not hesitate to send us a picture and info. I can email you a form of all the information we need.  We have to get these stories out, so that people will be aware of how real and often this tragedy is.

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  1. Brandon Jankowski, 30
    Brandon Jankowski, 30
    Brandon was killed on 2-13-16, when Mark Avalos(24) failed to control his speed and crashed into Brandon, causing Brandon's vehicle to roll. He was ejected and killed at the scene. Avalos stopped for a brief moment then fled. He was charged with intoxicated manslaughter with $100,000 bond.
  2. Josey Lynn Scott, 19
    Josey Lynn Scott, 19
    Josey was killed by a hit and run driver on 2-10-15. She was jogging on the side of the road when Larry Duncan, 45, veered off the road and struck her. Josey Lynn was killed instantly. Duncan claimed he stopped farther down the road to examine the damage to his vehicle, but did not go back to see what he had hit. He turned himself in over 24 hours later, when the pressure was too much. He was given a $750,000 bond that was reduced to $100,000 when he bonded out in March. He later failed a random drug test and sat in jail from Oct. 2015, until trial. He was sentenced on June 7,2016 to 19 years in prison. One for every year of her life. He will be eligible for his first parole on 12-04-17.
  3. Daniel Andrews
    Daniel Andrews
    killed by hit and run driver
  4. Tamon Willis,18
    Tamon Willis,18
    Tamon was killed on his way to work on 1-9-16 in New Caney,TX. He was struck by Eric Ellison, 34, who failed to yield the right of way and fled the scene. Because Ellison did not stop, a second vehicle collided with Tamon's motorcycle, they lost control of their vehicle and also crashed. Ellison was a felon with priors and driving with no drivers license.
  5. Antonio 'Tony' Moretti
    Antonio 'Tony' Moretti
    Antonio, Tony, 16 was killed by a hit and run driver on 2-21-16. His friend,15, was injured. They were hit by Alexandria Guillen, 20. She fled the scene. While fleeing, she did have enough time and thought down the road to stop and pull the mini-bike from under the front of her vehicle. But never gave a second thought about Tony or his friend. Her bonds totaled $40,000. They are still awaiting trial.
  6. Mike Eversole, 65 UNSOLVED
    Mike Eversole, 65 UNSOLVED
    Mike was hit and killed while walking on Fostoria Rd in Montgomery Co on 9-9-15. There is no vehicle description, no suspect.
  7. Avery Sokol, 22 UNSOLVED
    Avery Sokol, 22 UNSOLVED
    Avery was killed while walking/jogging down the road in Athens , Georgia on 9-24-16. Manuel Perez, 48, of Tulacingo, Hidalgo, Mexico, never stopped and abandoned his vehicle and has apparently fled the country. He was driving without a valid drivers license.
  8. Donna Moore, 49 UNSOLVED
    Donna Moore, 49 UNSOLVED
    Donna was killed by a hit and run driver on 9-2-16, while she was on a bicycle ride with her fiancé and two dogs. They were on FM 1485 in Montgomery Co when a red SUV, possibly a trailblazer, entered 1485 from Forest lane. Hit and killed Donna, never stopped.
  9. Earl Robert Wright, 58
    Earl Robert Wright, 58
    Earl was killed in a hit and run on 3-31-14 in Roanoke, VA. He was riding his bike home from work( Earl had been in a car wreck when he was 17, so he avoided vehicles.) Rikki Dawn Reynolds, 34, with a BAC of between .21 & .26, hit and killed Earl and fled the scene. She was charged with DUI, aggravated manslaughter and failure to stop. She is currently serving 10 years in prison and will have 6 years probation upon her release.
  10. Joshua Munoz, 24 UNSOLVED
    Joshua Munoz, 24 UNSOLVED
    Joshua was killed in an apparent hit and run on 4-30-14, while he was riding his motorcycle when a vehicle apparently hit him/cut him off. No vehicle description, no suspect.
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